Q: You write all lyrics and music to your songs , and you sing. On some of the songs though, from the new album, you have other vocalists such as Nanna, Peter Thorup Louise Fribo and Jesper Stilgren singing lead. How Come?
A: I guess sometimes I’m more a songwriter than a singer. Working on some of these songs, I just could’nt find the right expression myself. Luckily there were friends who could do that in the most extravagant way. There are also a lot of other great musicians playing on the album, and Im very happy about it.

Q: Why have you specifically chosen Nanna as featured on many of your songs?
A: She is in my opinion the best songwriter- singer in the kingdom of Denmark. In the nineties I had an appartment in Poona, India. One day she knocked on the door. Then she moved in; just like a cat, and one day she disappeared again. Lately our paths have crossed again..

Q: You are well known as a New Age artist, with 8 Cd’s and 200.000 sold copies. Why now something so different?
A: Most of the songs I have recorded as instrumentals are born with lyrics, so why not take it all the way? Unfortunately New Age has become an industri, often of more nonsense than substance. It’s a real challenge to renew New Age.

Q: Your songs sound like a mixture between Country ballads and West Coast rock. How is that?
A: I’m an old Hippie, so it’s in my blood. This is both nostalgia and 2006. What’s new is, that the lyrics are very different from what you would expect in that kind of music. They are not about jealousy, motelrooms or diesel fumes. But about i.ex. how people in the 3’ world are getting along, how we are being cheated and fooled by politicians and priests, and how a way out of the treadmill perhaps could be found.

Q: Do you have a message with your music?
A: Yes and no. It’s a pleasure for me to do what I do, even though the songs often come from pain. Nowadays Socialism has become a four letter, dirty word. But please tell me what is wrong in wishing and working for a more fair way of destributing the wealth. So there could be a little more joy for all of us. But Socialism in the old sense doesn’t work. The inner or spiritual aspect is missing. There is a lot more in beetween heaven and earth that we are not aware of, and man doesn’t live from bread alone.

Q: Your album is called ”White Man’s Burden”.”The White Man’s Burden” is also a poem by Kipling from the late 18’ century. Is that a coincidence?
A: In his poem, Kipling propagates that it’s the white man’s duty or burden to spread his knowledge, culture, wealth and socalled civilized ways, to the countries and people that are lacking behind. What we today call the third world . That’s the most common interpretation. Unfortunately the poem was misused to justify and legitimize Imperialism and exploitation of Africans, Asians, Red Indians etc. Exactly the same is happening today. Bush’s democratisation of Iraq is an excuse to rob them of their oil. The way I see it, ”The White Man’s Burden” has become a burden of bad conscience and bad Karma. He has misused his position as role model, and if he doesn’t change his attitude, he will have to pay a very high price. And that probably sooner than later.

Q: Could your album be called a collection of political protest songs?
A: It could, and hopefully a bit more than that too. But the conclusion is not, that you can always blame somebody else for your being miserable. At the end of the day everybody has to take responsability for his or her own life.